There is no TR1 World-Wide store. We are headquartered in a suburban residential neighborhood. We are located about twelve kilometers from the Pacific, six from Disneyland and at about twenty meters elevation. The heart of Los Angeles is about sixty kilometers north of us. All our commerce is over the web. Transactions are all through PayPal and the declared value on the manifest might be somewhat less than what you paid. There is a support line, but only vendors and creditors ever call it.

If you need numerous parts, just use the contact button to send a list. I'll figure out a total and send you an invoice. If you find it acceptable, pay it and I'll start the process. Otherwise, adjust your list and we'll try again.

Keep in mind that we are supporting a not-that-popular motorcycle series thirty to thirty five years old. Vendors are not eager to fill small orders, I do practically all my own engineering and submit line drawings and CNC programs to the manufacturers, otherwise most will give me a pass. As there is no store, most vendors don't want my commerce -- although nothing I sell is point-of-purchase impulse items. I point out that often much email is exchanged before a transaction takes place, and I often talk customers out of unwise modification. This holds no water.

I'm sorry, but for the time being prices are listed in United States Dollars (USD or $). I may switch to the Euro, but that leaves my Commonwealth and some Scandinavian customers still having to do some calculations. The sites of the Big Twins family are always in flux. I invite you to revisit them often. Clicking a page's headline brings you back to that site's home page. Clicking the engine logo takes you to the information site.