My local vendor just called me to let me know that they have valves for me. Normally, I buy these in ten-lots, but sales have been so flat lately that I don't know how I'm going to eat next week. Not to worry: valves are available; no other dealers are buying them; and the warehouse is only a day away. Sadly, there are NO after-market valves for the smaller (700 and 750) bikes. I'll decide which used valves can be revived and figure out what's fair.

Return visitors may note that until recently there were some economy springs good to .560" valve lift to the limits imposed by the TCI. Alas, it seems that I was the only dealer ordering them and they have been discontinued.

We NOW have complete gasket sets for the TR1 from Athena. Note that this is the gasket set for the motors with two-piece head gaskets - they are recessed into the top of the cylinder. A steel-and-composite ring for the bore and an o-ring for the cam chain tunnel. Gaskets are large, fragile, and - due to these factors - expensive to ship. Complete sets will be 75USD, but - they are NOT available separately. You must buy at least a piston kit, so that there will be a box large enough to hold them without any additional shipping charges.