The displacement and compression boost add power at all RPM. By default you get 1004cc at 12.5:1. However, you can specify any bore; any compression ratio; you may have to wait a month. The kit comes with two pisons, rings for all, two pins, four clips, and a pair of pure copper head gaskets for 675USD. 825USD for ceramic crowns and treated skirts. Plus between 80USD and 100USD Priority International Shipping.

First, some proof that we have some knowledge of - and support for - the TR1. Click on any picture for a larger image. My sources inform me that the quality of fuel is better in Europe and the enthusiasts like to tinker. So it is with confidence that we sell these detonation-proof 12.5:1 pistons to our friends in the Old World.

NOTE: I need measuremnts for the depression around the bore. I plan on mfg a copper gasket that will squeeze into place. If your motor is apart, please send me these measurements; especially height. It will be slightly larger then a stock head gasket. Both the ID and OD should need a bit of persuasion with a plastic or rubber mallet to drop into place; the gasket should then stand a little proud of the bore ring. Tightening down the head will form it into its final shape. The TR1 was not sold stateside, so I need this so you'll get as good a seal as we do here. Whoever contacts me with this info first will get a free pair with any purchase.

Warning Warning Warning

The pictures below are of some TR1 cylinders that customers have sent me. Note that the some of them have no aluminum "dam" between the head gasket recess and that for the cam chain tunnel o-ring. These are blow-prone, and I recommend against even running an after-market cam with them, let alone a high-compression big bore. As near as I can determine, "good" cylinders (with barrier) were used in the '81 and the '85 XV1000SE. I can't say for the different markets; different years. Finnish market '81s had good cylinders, Norwegian market '82s did not. You must check. One way around this is to get our complete kits with Virago 1000 cylinders - The compression is the same and the cylinder has a flat deck taking a single conventional head gasket.

Note that those shots with the tooltips "Norway" have the bad barrels detailed here. Those denoted "Finland" are the good style.

1004cc Piston Kits
  • JE 96mm 12.5:1 with Head Gaskets
  • $800.00 for a kit to fit one engine.
  • As Above, plus Ceramic Crowns and Teflon Skirts
  • $950 for a kit to fit one engine.
  • CP-Carrillo 96mm 12.5:1 with Head Gaskets
  • $975 for a kit to fit one engine.
  • As Above, plus Ceramic Crowns and Teflon Skirts
  • $1125 for a kit to fit one engine.
  • Any size, either mfg, any compression, any features as above.
  • Same price as above plus a "risk" fee.
  • Complete Gasket Set TR1
  • $100.00
  • TR1 high compression head gaskets
  • $45 a Pair
  • Pair Ring Sets, JE
  • $65.00
  • Pair Ring Sets, CP
  • $80.00

It is highly recommended that you read the piston sections after clicking the "Virago" link at the top of the page.